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Our Mission

Red Rocks Christian Preschool is committed to providing each child with the most advantageous start to his/her education by providing strong academics and social, emotional and physical development within a caring Christian environment.

Colorful Alphabets

Our Core Values

Strong Academic Curriculum

Children will graduate from RRCP reading 3-4 letter words, writing complete sentences and numbers through 20, counting to 100, and solving basic math combinations.

Child Doing Art Activity

Overall Child Development


Each child is taught to value obedience, respect, sharing, kindness, and consideration of others.


Each child is taught to practice self-control, to build confidence, and to gain independence through teacher example and classroom structure.


Each child will grow in both gross and fine motor skills through various play-based activities. Children also exercise daily which is beneficial to good health and proper development.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Caring Christian Environment

Each child is treated with respect and compassion at RRCP. Children are taught stories from the Bible, sing songs about Jesus, and memorize verses from God's Word.

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